San Blas Islands is off of the east coast of Panama and is home to the Kuna Indians. The locals are very friendly and are very anxious to sell their brightly colored hand made fabrics and jewelry.
A very pretty and remote place that was one of the tranquil highlights of my trip from Key West.




Canoes in the finishing stages. These are used for both fishing and travel between the many islands that dot the area. A mast for sailing the canoe has not been added a this stage. Paddles were also used but I did see a few propelled with outboards.

A lobster dinner garnished with coconut rice at a local restaurant that was essentially a very well made "grass hut".  As you can see from the table, chairs and condiments, the bustling world of elevated society is not far away. Pictured from left to right is Gay, Martha, Dave, Me, Riston and Mr. Charles Murphy.
One of the many Kuna Indians that showed up shortly after anchoring for the night. The bucket in the boat contains some of the Molas that were offered for sale. The women produce all the articles of clothing and jewelry and indeed are artful in their making and selling of their goods. 
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