1. Captain and Boat Name: Capt. Carl Rees , F/V's "Looney Tunes"

  2. Mailing Address: Capt Carl Rees P.O. Box 8, Oakwood GA, 30566 Retired living in Georgia

  3. Phone/E-mail/Charter Form : Call 906-984-4079 or e-mail the captain or The Quick Charter Form for Booking Information How much does the trip cost?   Click here

  4. What length of fishing trip do I offer? 1/2 day... 4 Hours or 3/4 Day... 6 Hours or Full day... 8  Hours.... I'm flexible to your schedule e.g. leave earlier, stay longer etc.

  5. What experience level is necessary? I accommodate Anglers of all ages, all experience levels.

  6. Am I a licensed guide/captain? Yes- I'm a Licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain

  7. What is the size and type of boat I captain?  The Captains has two Custom built 25ft. vessels for Key West fishing.  "Looney Tunes One" and "Looney Tunes Two". There are no toilets. Use the Quick Charter form for fishing inquires....

  8. How many anglers can fish? 1 to 4 persons / anglers on board.

  9. How will the date/s you have booked be confirmed? Confirmation is by phone or if you prefer, a confirmation letter can be sent upon receipt of deposit.

  10. Does the price include any food and beverages? No, bring any food and drink you like. More than ample space and ice is provided.

  11. Are alcoholic beverages allowed on board? Yes - - - it's your vacation

  12. Will you be able to keep your catch? Yes- - absolutely and shipping can be arranged. Freezing of your filleted catch can also be taken care of, so you can take your catch home.

  13. Is there an extra fee for cleaning/packaging? Only on shipping containers, gel packs and shipping fees.

  14. Is fishing gear provided? Yes - -First class Penn, Shimano, Abu and Fenwick tackle is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.

  15. Is bait provided? All bait will be provided for whatever fishing we do. I also provide all artificial lures, Jigs etc.

  16. What sort of clothing and such should you bring? A hat and sunglasses, preferably polarized. And, possibly a light Jacket during our winter.

  17. Is foul-weather gear provided?... Yes

  18. What other items should you bring?... Polarized Sunglasses, Sunblock, hat/visor, towel, etc.

  19. How much deposit do I require? $125 per day of fishing.

  20. When is the last day you can cancel without forfeiting your deposit?10 days

  21. Will you be refunded if the captain cancels the trip for any reason (weather, mechanical problems, illness, etc.)?  Yes, absolutely.

  22. What sort of tip is expected? Tips are not expected, however are always appreciated.

  23. What sort of payment do I accept? cash/checks/money-orders

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Use the Quick Charter form for fishing inquires....