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Yellowtail Snapper

Yellowtail Snapper is a most valued catch anytime when fishing Key West's reefs. An impressive fighter and excellent table fare.

Mutton Snapper

Mutton Snapper is one the largest of the snapper family weighing upwards of 20lbs. and delivering a battle you won't soon forget.
Excellent to eat.

Gray Snapper is a very cautious fish found year around on wrecks, around bridges and channels. A feisty battler that averages around 1 1/2 pounds but is often caught to over 5 pounds. excellent to eat.

Yellowfin Grouper
YellowFin Grouper though some what rare are caught by those captains that have extensive knowledge of the local waters. Excellent to eat and a great fighter.

Black Grouper

Black Grouper caught often on the reef and wrecks will require skill and luck to land on light tackle. I would be pleased to provide my knowledge to reduce the amount of luck needed to land your black grouper. Excellent table fare. These fish range in size from 6 pounds about 24inches(legal size) to over 100 lb.


Amberjack and Almacojack (pictured here) frequent our reefs and provide a hardy battle. Not recommended for anglers unprepared for a long fight on light tackle. Good table fare.

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